Nicknames N/A so far
General Information
Age 18 (estimated)
Gender None
Birthday Unknown
Height 165cm
Weight 55kg
  • Kiki (pet cat)
Job Details
Class Rogue (Scout)
Level 5
  • Acrobatics
  • Athletics
  • Performance
  • Stealth
Personality Types
Enneagram 8w7
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Kirk is a rogue with catlike features and personality. Because of their nature, they tend to be someone difficult for most to understand beyond their boisterous and mischievous attitude.

They're almost never seen without their black cat, Kiki, who may be the only individual they trust entirely. In missions they deem as too dangerous for the feline creature, they would often consult a reliable person of choice to take care of him.


To Kirk it would seem like everything is merely another part of a game. Most times they would twist situations up with lies to mess with others, including their own party members. Occasionally these lies would even bring forward benefits, but it's clear that outside of the job it's rarely ever their intention.

Despite being somewhat distant from everyone they interact with, they take a quick liking to those that play along with their jokes, or even begin to consider them as their friend (this is something they never voice out, however).

Due to their past, Kirk has little care about the environment. Anything is considered a proper bed to them, and would never hesitate to take a nap when the situation calls. They have a survival-like instinct and will go after any available sources of cash, doubly so if it will involve the black market.

Being a Little Fucker

Their fuckery began since young, and nobody knows if it was hereditary.