Maemi Akasei

Full name Maemi Akasei
Nicknames N/A so far
General Information
Age 15
Gender Non-binary
Birthday 25 August
Height -
Weight -
Occupation High school student
  • Katsuryo Akasei (older brother)
  • Unnamed parents
Clan Fire
Position Leader
Skills -
Personality Types
Enneagram -
Alignment True Neutral

Maemi Akasei is the protagonist of my original story (name in planning). Convinced that they were an ordinary child, Maemi had never held grand dreams for their life; this changes as one day they discover that their older brother, Katsuryo Akasei, had been arrested for clan-related crimes and received his bracelet in his place. Now, they carry his burden of following through with the Fire clan.


Maemi's appearance has seen many, but not large appearance updates through the years. Their design is primarily schemed around the colour red, kept in both their hair and eye colours, much like their family. Although dressed in gender neutral attire, they are notably on the masculine side as a result of their original design being male. There are plans for a large overhaul in Maemi's design, although nothing has appeared to compete with the current one.


Maemi is a 'with the flow' individual, living life in its present and accepting everything as is. They're rarely motivated to act upon thoughts, although their curiosity never gets satiated and they're always exploring for things to engage their mind in. The only interest that has never truly left Maemi is their passion in sweet, sugary food and plush toys, leaving them to usually divert their mind to fluffy thoughts.

Despite their lack of confidence in life, they're a rather loud speaker.


Growing up, Maemi had always been close to Katsuryo as a result of parental neglect. For a long time they had been dependent on the older sibling, although even that did not last when Katsuryo became the leader of the Fire clan (unbeknownst of them). Since then, Maemi had been largely a shut-off at home who otherwise only left to drop by nearby cafes, taking their own pace regardless of the world's time.


Katsuryo Akasei

Maemi's older brother.

Nao Simonds

Maemi's classmate, who had been curious enough to approach them on their first day of high school. Nao is incredibly amazed with Maemi's knowledge about the city's cafes, and usually tags along during their trips. Maemi considers Nao to be one of their closest friends, although they're still hesitant to open up with him.

Kitsuke Kishou

Maemi's homeroom teacher, and the school doctor. They're not sure how to feel about him.

Fire Clan

Shane Martien

Bianca Rosario

Claudette Chew