Shane Martien

Full name Shane Martien
Nicknames N/A so far
General Information
Age 20
Gender Male
Birthday 21 April
Height -
Weight -
Occupation Office logistics
  • Unknown
Clan Fire
Position Member
Skills -
Personality Types
Enneagram -
Alignment Unknown

Shane Martien is a loyal member of the Fire clan. Heavily affected by the loss of Katsuryo, Shane began to disappear more frequently and became more skeptical than ever before following the events of the Fire clan's fallout. Despite that, he still remains as one of the clan's most respectable members, and shows up at clan gatherings.


Shane is characterised by the white beanie he always has on. Notably, not many people have seen him without it. His hair is naturally black, although dyed into a deep shade of red as part of his proclamation of loyalty to the Fire clan. He doesn't redye his hair often.

He dresses in loose fits, typically a T-shirt or a vest that comes along with his pendant that bears a cross. On the contrary, he wears from three-forths to full length black pants and black sneakers. According to people, Claudette had apparently recommended him to try visiting Hot Topic at a certain time.



Shane is a transgender man from an unaccepting, conservative family. He came out at a young age, although it was quickly brushed off - he didn't give up, however, and kept explaining himself to the point where his family stopped talking to him as a whole. Seeing that as his loss, he begins picking out his own lifestyle as a man and is rarely ever seen at home.

He meets Katsuryo Akasei during said time, and was introduced to the Fire clan where he found a family much tightly bound together than back at home. As a result, this and Katsuryo's kindness towards Shane had made him incredibly loyal to Katsuryo and the Fire clan.


Katsuryo Akasei

Shane is incredibly loyal to Katsuryo. They met on the night streets, where Katsuryo noticed Shane in melancholy and held his hand out for him.

Maemi Akasei

When Maemi took over Katsuryo as the leader of the Fire clan, Shane boldly exclaims that he refuses to put the fate of the clan in their hands.

Bianca Rosario

Many consider Shane and Bianca to be unseparatable best friends. They met upon Shane joining the Fire clan, which then led them to bond over being transgender; Shane frequently trades used clothing with Bianca and they're often spotted at the mall together. Perhaps it's their understanding of each other's struggles that Shane fully trusts Bianca and vice-versa.

Claudette Chew

If Katsuryo was like an older brother to Shane, then Claudette would be like his older sister.