Yugure Hoshino

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Yugure Hoshino
Yugure Hoshino
Kanji 星野 優暮
Rōmaji Hoshino Yugure
Likes Comedy web shows, rock music, seafood
Dislikes Irregular working hours, cold weather, dry food
• Vital Statistics •
Gender Male
Birthday September 24
Age 20
Sign Libra
Height 158cm (5'2")
Weight 55kg (121lbs)
Blood Type O
Relatives Kyoji Hoshino (older brother)
• Professional Statistics •
Music Symbol Alla Breve
Position -
Unit -
Talent Stability, planning, and group attitude
• Voice Actors •
Japanese Hwkr Dsk
• Personality Types •
Enneagram 1w9
Alignment Lawful Neutral

Yugure Hoshino (星野 優暮, Hoshino Yugure) is the younger of the Hoshino brothers, a pair of brothers that decided to join the idol industry after a brief YouTube career as cover singers.


Yugure is a short young adult that adorns himself with his favourite shade of turquoise, going as far as to dye his hair a shade analogous to it. He keeps his hair straight down to his shoulder, with bangs swept to his left. His eyes are a natural shade of grey darker than Kyoji's, and he requires his similarly turquoise glasses to be able to see. He has an average build with no notable features.

Typically he dresses himself in a mild fashion contradictive to his colour scheme, usually in a T-shirt accompanied with a jacket of varying thickness depending on the seasons. Unlike his brother, he's much more capable in enduring the heat, thus he's always dressed in heavy layers even on the hottest of days. His personal favourite tee has galaxy printing across the front, something he believes "represents his name". After he joined (group name), he began wearing a cap on top of everything else as part of his disguise.


Yugure is an uptight man, obidient and strict with his work. He'll see it through that he completes his work on time, and make every necessary adjustments as they come up. As a result he doesn't react well to failures, and as a result he fears missing any steps in his tasks.

Although usually calm and polite, Yugure can have a sharp tongue and critical attitude especially to his closer friends, which he treats as a sign that he can trust them. In truth, Yugure desires to be an individual who can speak his mind especially in an intelligent way much like Re:vale's Yuki, but he greatly fears the backlash from doing so.

Yugure is deeply detail-oriented, blessing him with a sharp memory which he uses to take down notes of everyone in (group name). He ends up helping the manager at every next event because according to him, he simply "cannot stay still" whenever planning is in session.

Outside of his career, he has a surprising adoration for the worst kinds of humour, especially puns. He doesn't miss a chance to crack a joke whenever he sees the opportunity to, much to many of his friends' distress. Additionally he loves making jabs at the people closest to him, most especially Kyoji. He's always laughing at his own jokes as an indication of his pride in them.

During his career as a YouTube vocalist, Yugure began a collection of artist CDs, garnering a boastful collection which he stores in his room in a fashionable order.


Kyoji Hoshino

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Chihiro Hijiki


Mitsuki Izumi

Iori Izumi


Yugure has always been moved by Re:vale's works, especially in their stand-up comedy acts. They have been great inspiration for his sense of humour on top of everything else. When he was still a YouTube artist, he and his brother were approached by the duo, surprising him and sending him into a blissful mode for the next several days. Notably, he forgot to ask for their autograph.

Seeing Momo and Yuki in person made him realise just how much aura they give off in person, making them an end-goal for Yugure to reach once he enters the idol industry. He looks up more to Yuki in particular due to his cool demeanour.


  • 星野 = field of stars
Given Name
  • 優 = upright; firm
  • 暮 = twilight; dusk


  • Many fans nickname Yugure 冰ジュニア (Hyōjunia), which is a reference to Kyoji's 冰王子 (Hyōji) mashed with the English word of "Junior".
  • Yugure is a huge fan of Re:vale, and collects countless merchandise of them.
    • He also makes sure to clear his schedule and attend all of their concerts.
  • Yugure has a small knack for technology, although not so much on video games.
    • He keeps two laptops, one for work and one for hobby.
  • While his room is notably clean, his drawers are filled with trash ranging from empty packages to old receipts.
  • Yugure has no favourite animal, but if he were to have a pet he would pick a golden retriever.
    • He occasionally enjoys messing with Kyoji's pet skunk, sometimes feeding him at irregular hours and letting him out of Kyoji's room without notice.
  • He's deathly afraid of being late, and enters a deep state of denial if he ever lacks punctuality in anything.
  • One of his goals is to start attending comedians' shows regularly instead of just seeing them on television.
  • He can play the saxophone and the clarinet and is considered a natural at them.
    • The first song he learnt to play by memory was Careless Whisper.
  • He has a bad habit of pulling at his hair strands and cleaning his glasses.
  • Although in denial of it, he has misophonia like his brother and always carries earpieces along with him.
  • He can speak Japanese and English fluently, and occasionally he would make phrases in German, French, or Mandarin.
    • He's also memorised words from most accessible languages for the sake of puns.
  • The voice actor is reduced to a shorthand name to make sure no one accidentally stumbles into this site.