Avia Te

Avia Te
Occupation Aviation intern (lapsed)
Defense Attorney
Biological Information
Documented Age Range 24
Last known status Alive
Eye colour Olive
Hair colour Black
Height 5'5"; 167cm
Family President of Aviation Company (father; deceased)
An unnamed mother
Friends WIP
Affiliates Terra Mine (rival prosecutor)
Can you tell I haven't worked on him yet
Personality Types
Enneagram 7w8
Alignment Chaotic Good
Avia Te

Avia is a freelancing Defense Attorney who only takes on cases he's interested enough in. He doesn't appear to be serious about his job, but his lack of complaints and refusal to resign show otherwise.


Times in family

Avia had never gotten along with his family because of his largely rebellious attitude. He doesn't hold any grudges against them, however, as displayed in his decision to begin working at his father's aviation company after leaving high school.

He has a surprising knack for engineering which surprised everyone including his father, quickly earning him great respect at his workplace.

The incident

Because of his treasured time in the aviation company, his father's death came as a shock to Avia. On the day of the incident, he took a day off after repeated days at heavy work; his father had been acting strange during the period, but Avia had merely assumed he was beginning to get exhausted with the work the both of them had to do.

Avia and his mother were notified as soon as the medics entered the scene of the murder, causing Avia to immediately rush over only to be stopped by the local district detectives.

Becoming an attorney

Bummed out from the death of his father and the lack of his body, Avia retires from the aviation company, claiming that without his father he wouldn't have any further interest in pursuing engineering. In truth, Avia simply wanted to find out the whole truth as to why his father's body simply disappeared like that, and began studying law to somehow squirm his way into it.

His mother immediately objected to the idea, which led to the two to a little squabble resulting in Avia leaving home. He began using his savings from his time as an aviation intern to live, booking a room from a nearby hostel to live in. During these years Avia signed up for many law courses, determined to prove his mother that he too, was capable of becoming a lawyer.


Avia is a rebellious man at heart, believing that life must be lived as it is, and decisions should be made with haste. He enjoys acting immediately to his thoughts, making him seem like a reckless and impulsive individual, but Avia is much more calculated than many would give him credit for. Avia simply doesn't pay attention to what doesn't make sense, and thus his mindset is typically sharp. He trusts his guts firmly.