Terra Mine

Terra Mine
Occupation District Prosecutor
Biological Information
Documented Age Range 22
Last known status Alive
Eye colour Grey
Hair colour Blonde
Height 5'3"; 163cm
Family Mining Corporate Head (father)
An unnamed mother (arrested)
Friends WIP
Affiliates Avia Te (rival attorney)
Terry (by Godot)
Young Master (by servants of the House)
Personality Types
Enneagram 2w1
Alignment Lawful Good
Terra Mine
I don't know if I'm still chasing the right path; you'll help me find it, won't you?

Terra Mine is a sickly prosecutor that works for the local Prosecutor's District. Despite the state of his health, Terra is known to be thorough in court, making sure to shut every last possibility down for a complete victory.



Terra was born to the famous mining company, raised with hopes to be the next president and hope for the family. For most part of his younger days, Terra was healthy and active, often tagging along his parents when they leave for digs and began learning the way of mining at a very early age.

This changed when an accident occurred in the mines. Terra was caught under the rubble following the plane crash while he was studying the types of ores the company boasted, and his life was in a critical state when he was finally discovered by the house butlers an hour later.

While he was quickly back on his feet, he became frail and traumatised. He's no longer able to go near the mines without a triggering a panic attack in fear of a repeat of the incident. He also develops chronic asthma, and has to carry an inhaler with him all the time.

As a result Terra was quickly drawn away from the field job and into the business, his parents promising him that he still stood a chance to take after the company from a different end. Still being young then, Terra believes in this opportunity, and began to shift his focus in work.

The incident

On (specify date), Terra's parents mysteriously disappear from home, and none of the butlers nor maids knew of the reason, throwing the entire estate in worry. They were visited by the local police at the end of the day, notified of the death of his father and the arrest of his mother as a result. Terra falls into great distress at the news, unable to respond nor utter another word, eventually throwing him into an asthmatic fit which knocks him out.

The house eventually empties out with the lack of authorative figures, but several of Terra's personal butlers remain, willing to assist the young boy in his times of need in the meanwhile. Terra's uncle eventually takes over the company, insisting that he should give up the path of mining with the state of both his health and his parents.

Following the path of law

After facing his fears and worries about it, he visits his mother at the detention center in a miserable state. His mother was able to tell that Terra refused to believe she did it, and began to relate the truth of the case and what she's seen during the events. Perhaps it was out of how much he's gone through, but Terra takes all of it to heart without a doubt, promising he'll see what he can do to get his mother out of jail.

Visit after visit, Terra begins charting a method to support her, laying out many methods where Terra could somehow convince the law that they can hold back on her trial. Upon seeing Terra's natural skills in organising everything above all the business class he's attended, Mrs. Mine then suggests for Terra to become a lawyer since it would be the quickest path for him to follow. Initially, he was doubtful, but he soon agrees with his mother's support on his side, immediately registering for law school right after.

Terra graduates from the prosecutor section of the Thermis Law Academy with perfect grades, allowing him an immediate pass at the bar. In the meantime his mother gets deemed guilty of double homicide, but her final words to him were enough to motivate him to get her true justice; he's not done enough for her, and more than anything else, he wants to thank her for everything she's given him up to this point.


Due to the nature of his background, Terra is a reserved man who doesn't enjoy talking about himself, stuttering whenever he does. He's considered to be very introverted by his fellow prosecutors despite being on good terms with him. However many would consider his best trait to be his friendliness and kindness because of how willing he is to cover for other people and take up their jobs.

Terra behind that kindness, however, is not trusting of many. He sees his job as the result of his weakness of being unable to save himself and his parents, and because of that he's very self-critical and sharp of everyone around him. He doesn't let anyone try to use him, and frequently he ends up lashing out at those who do.