Ren Lu Sheng

Ren Lu Sheng
Basic Information
Hair Brown
Eyes Reddish Brown
  • Season 1: 12
  • Season 2: 13
Occupation B-DaPlayer
  • Masked Delta
  • Cloak Delta
Strike Shot Masquerade Shot
Personality Types
Enneagram Unknown
Alignment True Neutral

Ren (忍绿生, Rěn Lǜ Shēng) is a distant B-DaPlayer who rarely comes in contact with Yamato's group of friends. She generally comes off as cold and uncaring to most, but she is incredibly quick to warm up to those she trusts, most especially to Momoiro.


Overall, Ren finds no time for nonsense; that doesn't mean she's all work and no play, however, she just finds herself much more focused on her priorities. B-Daman to her is a tool for her to improve her own mentality and spirits, not one for making friends.

As a result she has an incredibly difficult time in social interactions. Talking to unfamiliar people makes her incredibly awkward and takes far too much of her energy, so on most times she ends up hiding behind Momoiro or Satoru to hand the task over to them instead.

Ren is quick to pick up interest in the mysterious and unknown. Most times she is spotted trying to understand the mechanics behind things (although most times they end up being explained by Momoiro).

She can become very frank with her thoughts, but she is aware of how much straightforwardness can hurt from Momoiro and actively tries to reduce this habit. As a result she occasionally attempts to mimic some of the more energetic and easygoing B-DaPlayers, most especially her fellow townperson, Wen Yong Fa, due to their similar background cultures.


Ren comes from Liken, the same Chinese-populated town as the Yong Fa brothers and Kiba. As a result, most of her interests are centred around culture with her origins such as kung-fu. She however, doesn't indulge in these actual activities, believing that safer games such as B-Daman would suit her better.

She meets Momoiro by chance shortly after the latter moves into Liken, and soon enough with Momoiro's interest in Ren's B-Daman do they become friends - Ren would test out all of Momoiro's inventions and learn what was beneficial for a working B-Daman.

Battle B-Daman

Ren plays from a neutral point in this season.

Prior to the series, she has already received her B-Daman and was travelling around and training. A little while later, she gets in contact with Momoiro again while resting in a town and gets informed of the upcoming Winner's Tournament, agreeing to participate and thus meets up with Momoiro at the stadium. She gets past the first round without much worry.

In between the first and second rounds, Momoiro meets Satoru and introduces the two to each other in hopes they could become friends. Ren was initially doubtful because of Satoru's personality, but she gives in regardless because she couldn't see a reason to deny Momoiro of her request. For most of it, she teaches Satoru the basics of B-Daman, including Direct Hit Battles and involving him in several practice matches with her.

Ren was out of the tournament in the second round, however, due to the fact that she is unable to balance her body. Disappointed with her results, she spends the rest of the tournament training in the stadium practice zone. Occasionally she would see Satoru around, and they would continue playing matches against each other in hopes to improve each other's skills.

During the invasion of the Neo-Shadow Alliance, Ren and Momoiro were back at Liken with Satoru now in tow with the duo. Eventually the Alliance attacks the town, leading Ren and Satoru to briefly defend the town before they realise they were on the weaker side and made the decision to flee.

They hurried to Satoru's home in Neon City, where they were evacuated along with the other residents. During this time Ren becomes quick to worry about the fate of the B-DaWorld, requiring reassurance from Momoiro and Satoru to decide to believe in Yamato; she has a reason to, after all, for he won the Winner's Tournament.

Fire Spirits!

In Fire Spirits!, Ren joins the active crowd of B-DaPlayers seeking for the elusive strike shots. Much to her distress, however, she was not skilled at figuring out B-DaMage's hints, leading her back to her hometown in Liken where she approaches Momoiro for her assistance. Whenever a hint appeared to be near their homes, the two would immediately respond by beginning their search. They finally succeed after several tries, discovering suspicious areas within the cave just on the outskirts of Liken. The challenge was to fire at the right corner of the cave, cracking it and revealing the strike shot, Masquerade Shot, hidden in a tiny box.

Mastering the Masquerade Shot was an incredible adversity, it was a powerful strike shot that had a mysterious ability that Ren was unable to figure out until she began challenging other B-DaPlayers with the strike shot. Despite that, it required Ren's best focus and perfect accuracy to even carry out a successful shot, leading her to many losses in the process. This only became a large trouble for Ren, and she ends up passing up the chance to participate in the Winner's Tournament once more.

Alongside Momoiro, they meet up with Yamato's usual gang at the Winner's Tournament, agreeing to stay around Armada's group as the tournament goes. Satoru appears as well, only later explaining why he never joined the two friends prior to the tournament. Although with minor spite, she agrees to cheer for Satoru only for him to fall out after the first round yet again. She was visibly disappointed with how things turned out, but her newfound interest in Aqulas and the mystery that surrounds him brings her interest back. She very quickly became an Aqulas fan, supporting him even towards the finals.

After the tournament, she once again returns to her home town to resume training and perfect out her ability in the Masquerade Shot. When the announcement for the match between Team Yamato and B-Deus was announced, she heads for the stadium as a spectator to cheer Yamato's team on. She takes this moment, too, to display her long awaited mastery of the Masquerade Shot, taking down countless of B-Deus grunts whenever she found any free time.

After the season, alongside Momoiro and Satoru, she agrees to hang out more often with Yamato's team.

Post Canon

Her life becomes much more peaceful post-canon, and she forms many more great friendships with fellow B-DaPlayers, especially with her fellow citizens from Liken. She slowly comes to accept that B-Daman can forge bonds too, despite her still uncleared doubts in the statement.