Satoru Aoheiko

Satoru Aoheiko
Basic Information
Hair Bluish Black
Eyes Dark Blue
  • Season 1: 12
  • Season 2: 13
Occupation B-DaPlayer
  • Proto One
  • Mercury Skater
Strike Shot ???
Personality Types
Enneagram Unknown
Alignment True Neutral

Satoru is an inexperienced B-DaPlayer who seeks for the thrill of playing the game rather than improving in it. He's usually seen riding on his own skateboard.


Satoru's motivations and goals lie in excitement above all else; if anything were to appeal to him, he would seek any means possible to achieve it. This makes him a large risk taker. He's a rash individual who prefers acting before thinking because nothing else matters more than the thrill of the moment.

This does not mean he's half-hearted in what he does, on the contrary. Satoru when indulged enough in one interest will stick to it for a long time, with examples being skateboarding and B-Daman.

He is also notably very stubborn and immovable once he's chosen something to fixate on. To him, the phrase 'giving up' has no meaning, and he really dislikes the concept of wasted effort.


Satoru was born to rich parents who lived in Neon City. He was given a skateboard as a present on one of his earlier birthdays, leading him to treasure it dearly. He begins skateboarding as a simple hobby, hanging out within the allies of the city while showing off his skills to fellow kids.

Due to the influence of the backalley Satoru eventually turned into a rebellious kid, finding countless of opportunities to sneak out of the city to explore the B-DaWorld. On some days he would cover himself up with a sleepover while he goes out on an adventure, but he was soon discovered.

Despite receiving miserable lectures as a result of his mischief, his parents finally granted him the permission to start properly exploring the B-DaWorld when he turned 10, on the rule that he is to return at least once per year.

One time on his journey he passes by Yamato's hometown in Cattoon, which then he falls in love with his pair of green goggles and decides to steal them. As a result they end up in a cat chase around the town that lasted for several days, with Satoru refusing to return Yamato's goggles.

Battle B-Daman

Satoru learns of B-Daman during his chase with Yamato, but he carried no interest in the game while he focused on the goggles.

This changes when he learns of the Winner's Tournament as well as its rewards, giving him motivation to appear on television and impress his parents and the other people back at Neon City. He did not have time nor resources before the tournament began, however, leading him to purchase a sample B-Daman, Proto One, for use; he wanted to believe it was a task he could win with sheer force, so he wouldn't have any use for it after.

In the end he fails miserably, unable to even get past the first round. Because his optimism crashed down, he ends up feeling incredibly depressed over his loss, leaving him to sulk in the training rooms within the stadium.

Momoiro spots him eventually, and in his desperation he listens to her and pleas for a customised B-Daman; he obtains Mercury Skater from her shortly after, and he starts training himself, sometimes with Ren, during the remaining duration of the tournament.

He develops great dedication to B-Daman as a result, and he begins to swear that he'll place in a top position of a Winner's Tournament in the future.

Following the tournament he decides to follow Momoiro and Ren to Liken, feeling like he isn't ready to face his parents back at Neon City yet. He begins to get closer to the two on top of impressing many of the kids in town with his skateboarding skills, to which he begins toying with the idea of trying to combine B-Daman and skateboarding together.

Satoru stood no chance during the B-Deus invasion in Liken, bringing him to panic. In his desperation he decides with much hesitation that now was not the time to worry about his parents, and he was willing to bring everyone he knew in town over to Neon City to take refuge.

He was surprised to be praised by his parents during his return, being told that he's grown and learnt how to bring both himself and others to safety. Their reaction brings him the motivation to continue his travels after the incident, so that he could become stronger for both himself and everyone around him.

Fire Spirits!

In Fire Spirits!, Satoru was travelling new and unfamiliar towns when news of the new Winner's Tournament came around. Determined to prove his improvement, he quickly hops onto the fray for a strike shot and with the word of locals he successfully obtains a strike shot (name to be determined) in a quieter town where the challenge was handed down by the village leader, requiring Satoru to overcome many obstacles including precise shooting and balancing above a palm tree.

Having obtained the strike shot so early in the game, he decides to boast his skills by challenging many other B-DaPlayers, resulting in him losing track of time and forgetting to meet up with Ren and Momoiro before the Winner's Tournament.

He ends up falling out of the Winner's Tournament in the first round once again, struggling greatly with the balloon stage due to the heavy amount of dexterity it required. He ends up whining about this for the rest of the tournament at Ren and Momoiro's side, because it was completely unfair on his end as a Balance player.

Satoru leaves the stadium during the semi-finals, impulsively deciding that watching such amazing B-DaPlayers would only rile him up further. He remains in the city, looking for the other dropouts from the first round and challenging them to B-DaBattles, even befriending some of them.

Much to Ren's distress he follows the girls back to Liken following the tournament, attempting to apologise to the former for his mistakes and reckless actions he did before the Winner's Tournament. In the end they make up, with Ren agreeing that they had never planned a meet-up anyway. She was still critical of Satoru's careless habits, however, and most of his time at Liken was gone being lectured by her.

He was the one to suggest the trio join the match between Team Yamato and B-Deus as spectators, saying that it'll be a good time to see what the group was up to--he's curious, after all.

Post Canon

Satoru eventually becomes a professional skateboarder, well known in his hometown as a sports star. In his career he continues to play B-Daman, especially with others in the same industry as him. He decides it wasn't important for him to get better at B-Daman, not when he has skateboarding by his side, but he still treats the game as a hobby close to his heart.